I’m Leah. Texture artist, 3D modeler, builder, maker, artist turned fashionista. I enjoy creating, arranging, re-arranging, retail therapy, colors, makeup, etc. I’m a real life artist and amateur photographer.

I’ve been in and out of Second Life on various avatars since 2006. For the most part, I’ve enjoyed every minute. The level of creativity of the residents in SL never ceases to amaze and wow me. I love shopping, playing dress up, dancing, enjoying all the wonderful sims/builds to be seen in SL. To say I’m addicted is an understatement. I’ve been able to express my own creativity in SL at a level I never would have expected to be possible. I’ve learned a lot and still learn things everyday.

I love making pretty pictures in and out of Second Life. I live on the west coast just  couple of blocks off of the beach. Here’s a shot I took while on a morning walk.


Regarding fashion in SL:

Many would comment “Pixel Fashionista?”


Yes! I’m also a fashion junkie in real life but unless people participate in virtual worlds it’s hard for them to understand our culture, lol.

I’ve played in all kinds of virtual worlds. Everything from MMORPGs like WoW and Star Wars The Old Republic to single players like Bioware’s Dragon Age Franchise and The Sims 2 through The Sims 4. Dragon Age Fashion looks something like this, lol. So while the story is rich and I can make a pretty character .. fashion .. meh, not so much.


My goal for this blog is to share my finds. I don’t look to gain anything here other than to network and express my creativity.  I want to share my looks .. my bag full of demos. If there is anything anyone would like for me to show here or add just drop me a line via the contact me page or send an IM or note card to Leannyn in Second Life. You can also message me on my Facebook Page.

Enjoy, and remember, your SL belongs to you. Enjoy it to the max and always look fantastic!