Classified …

Boo 830


**RE** Ice Queen Rings by RealEvil Industries

.Olive. the Trishie Hair by Olive

::SG:: Ego Stileto MESH Nails By Slackgirl

Addams // Hara VNeck Top (without Bra) by Addams

Addams // Pearl Short // Slink HG by Addams

ChicModa // Mae Choker Cosmo 5th Anni Gift

[MANDALA]STEKING_EARS_Season5 by Mandala

N-core SURVIVOR “Black” by N-Core (The weapons are off but these have a pistol and grenades to attach)



Elegance is undercover at


01 Boo Body01 Boo Body 2Wearing an outfit consisting of Addams shorts and top, N-Core boots, Chic Moda choker, RealEvil Industries rings, & nails from Slackgirl

Trisha Hair from Olive is some of the best photo hair I’ve ever used. I love the way it doesn’t clip at all that I could see.

Speaking of Olive, there are tons of lucky boards and new MM’s and a 50% off sale

Have fun! Peace and Love, Leah



X Marks The Spot

Sugar 829


**RE** Elektra Nails & Rings (Nails Alpha’d) by RealEvil Industries
..S..: Denim Thong – Dark Shorts by Sabotage
.:.*{ S.G }*.:. BABY Top by {Servered Garden}
::ROC:: Canvas Sneaker! Mid Calf by ROC
::SG:: Mate Nails Group Gift by Slackgirl
[^.^Ayashi^.^] Enya Hair Gacha Hair by Ayashi



01 Sugar Baby 2

Sugar’s new look. Hot sexy and slightly hoochie, Sugar is set for SL Clubbin’. I love this new shop my partner M found called {Severed Garden}. They do unique sassy things with template mesh and the prices are great. Give them a look. You won’t be sorry.

I hope you all like the new blog format ❤

Happy Shopping! Peace and Love





What Pockets?

I hit Kustom9 when the doors opened and first gacha play, got this adorable hair, Chai by Beusy.

Beusy 3am gacha key

I managed to snag the “Baby” tails in a couple of shades, the Wool Knit Beanie, and “Lotus” in pastels

pastel cat

as well. Don’t miss out. Lots of pretties at Kustom9 this round.

Leah What Pockets NOT DEAD copy

Not at the event and retrieved from the abyss that is my inventory:

Shorts – Sabotage

Blouse – Blueberry “Ace” Fatpack Color

Ears – Mandala

Nails – SlackGirl Group Gift

Shape – Exclusive by #Bootygirl

Place – The Last Forever

Leah What Pockets Rear copy


Another Lulu! Introducing Nayeli

Presenting Nayeli for Akeruka Lulu bento mesh head and Maitreya mesh body.

She’s up on the Market Place, two sets, a 5 shape mod copy set and style card for 259L$ and a 2 shape set, copy and no mod for 99L$. I think these were initially overpriced but now not so much. Seems there isn’t a great demand for Akeruka Bento shapes .. yet. These Akeruka heads are a lot of fun to work with. Check them out if you haven’t already done so.

Nayeli 02 copyNayeli 04 copyNayeli 01 copy

Enjoy! Peace and Love!



Tranquil Beauty

Mitsu, above, is a collaboration between Sugar (Honeycombee) and myself. We’ve combined Sugars ™Sugar Buns and my faces (Yes I have many!) to create top of the line #Bootygirl Bento Shapes .. #Bootygirl Bento.

Remember that free Akeruka head from earlier in the month? I’ve been having a blast making faces of all sorts. I just don’t like making the promos! LOL. This is why I lurves Sugar Lumps ❤ .

Mitsu Stand copy

We have a set of 5 copy, modify, no transfer shapes (399L$) and a set of 2 copy, no modify, no transfer shapes (99L$)

Of the 5 set, there are two 6′ shapes and three fun size, each a little over 5’6″ and style card

Of the 2 set, there is a 6′ shape and a fun size of around 5’6″

Mitsu Face 2 copy

You can get them here:

Mitsu, Copy Modify 5 shape set 

Mitsu, Copy Only 2 Shape Set

Mitsu Standing 2 copy

Don’t forget to grab a demo!

Add Mitsu to your collection. Don’t have a Akeruka Lulu Head? Don’t fret. I am churning out beautiful bento faces and Mitsu will have Catwa and Lelutka Sisters. Hopefully I can pull off a Lelutka, lol. We use various bodies. Sugar loves creating all kinds of lovely curvy booty-licious shapes. If you need something special let me know. Sugar and I will to to put it together. We take requests but we don’t do exclusive customs.

This skin I used in the pictures at the Temple is one of the default Akeruka skins that come with the Lulu head as are the brows, eyeliner and lashes. The lipstick is from Zibska, Zibska ~ Adelie. In the promo pictures I have Slackgirl lipstick on ::SG:: Diana* Lips Set 2 for Akeruka Heads. Slackgirl‘s makeup totally rocks my socks .. and her mesh nails. In these pictures I have on Empire Nails #EMPIRE – Coffin Nails – Long, Code-5 Bento Ring set CODE-5 [ Wings of love ] V02 and =Zenith= Xiang Mo red set.

Have fun! Love!

Booty Girls round Logo copy




What’s The Best Kind Of Head? Free Head!

Go get your FREE bento head, guys and gals, because Akeruka has free Bento heads for all until June 22nd

Here’s your ride to Akeruka

Love this hair from Sintiklia. It’s nice seeing artists from The Sims crossover.

The romper is from Cynful at this months Collabor88

The place is called Brand New Colony

The shoes are from Reign’s Saturday Sale this weekend


Catwa Bubblegum works with this head!

The Catwa lollipops do not.


Snapshot_035Enjoy! ❤

Sponsored by Boracay Beach Changing Rooms

Silver Membership (Free) Themed private changing rooms

Gold Membership (100L to join) Luxury well appointed changing rooms complete with Internet TV, access to naturist beach, access to photo studio, and sandbox usage

Boracay Sunset

Boracay is non profit. All monies collected go to support the establishment.


Scandalized at Cosmopolitan

Can you say cute? This outfit though!


But then, lol, I always come away from Hello Tuesday at Cosmopolitan feeling that way.

00 Body 2 Cosmo March-April 1 copy

I love this dress by Scandalize and paid only 50L$ for it.

00 Head 2 Cosmo March-April 1 copy copy

Sporting my new skin by L’etre (LOVE! my new go to skin artist), makeup by Pink Fuel, Shoes by Empire, watch by Kunst, Vista Bento Hands, Bento rigged rings by Ysoral (on MP only), hair by Dela, Locket from my guy Snow, Catwa Animated Mesh Eyes, Catwa Kimberly Tongue Piercings, Nail Polish by La Boheme and a shiny new Bento shape for my Catwa Kimberly head and Maitreya Mesh body combo, made for me by Sugar at #BootyGirls.

00 Body 1 Cosmo March-April 1 copy

Below are some other goodies I got this week at Hello Tuesday. Go by Cosmopolitan sim and sign up for the group to stay informed. Receive announcements about Cosmopolitan and Hello Tuesday, items with price and pics listed. Every run of Cosmopolitan offers lovely group gifts and there is no charge for joining.

Happy Shopping!


snapshot_-mysteria-free-changing-_-dressing-rooms-girotte-21Booty Girls round Logo copy

My Sponsors, #BootyGirls


Mysteria Free Changing Rooms, a Non Profit Fashion Community

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugliness …

In this month’s Catwa Powder Pack


(Used in the Title Image along with Pink Fuel Makeup)

My favorite, as usual.. Amara skins. 12 shades of stunning skins.


I love all the shades

Pink Fuel

Love! The variety of these appliers is endless. From subtle to dramatic, this is makeup suitable for every occasion. Each shade has various intensities and levels of blending built right into the HUDS.



Check out these great colors. I love the way the second set of lipsticks can be used as overlays. Instructions uncluded in the pack.


Just Magnetized

From vivid to subtle. Nice range. I love the lighter colors and the under eye color.




Bold & Beauty

The brows and overlays rock my socks. Gorgeous.








Slack Girl







You would think if Powder Pack wanted to celebrate Latina Style, they wouldn’t do it like this:


Even though this is Second Life, the organizers at Powder Pack have really missed the plot here. I totally understand the concept but prison/gang tattoos? Really? I would wager that this creator has never even been to the Southern border of the United States. I’d also wager she’s never met a “Chola”. My friends, my neighbors and my family are Hispanic .. I live here.

Several parts of this pack were not to my taste and I was displeased about the lack of body appliers in Deetalez pack BEFORE I opened the appliers to look at them. I only mention the Body Appliers because Deetalez claims that because of the lack there of is why I called her out on her misappropriation.

Apparently thinking appliers were supposed to come with was a misconception on my part due to the consistent rule with past packs .. hrrmmm … I’ll go for that but ..

I blame the organizers for this misconception, because if the included appliers were a generous bonus from creators in the past then they should have been labeled as such. After being sent system skins by Deetalez, I made it clear I wasn’t happy and didn’t know many who would be and that I would be blogging about how proper appliers were missing. Then I decided not to because I have never written a negative review in my blog about anything. On marketplace yes, I did. For my money, I am entitled to express my opinion, supposedly without getting flamed for it. Right! As if …

I said in my MP review, I know you can’t please everyone. It would be unreasonable to expect that. Some of the Powder Pack creators have made beautiful items. I’ve done pictures of the rest of the items twice to try and put everything else in the best light possible due to my negativity regarding the Deetalez part of the pack. I’m not alone in my feelings about the pack but perhaps we’ll get to that in a later blog about SL consumer fear of retribution.

Regarding the blog… I was going to let it drop and move on and blog about the other items in the pack and just ignore the Deetalez portion.

But then, when I was told about what was on these appliers and opened them and saw for myself … Personally I consider all of the Deetalez portion of the pack useless even if the body appliers were included. I can’t use the product because I feel it’s wrong. Anything that racially stereotypes and in addition glamorizes a symbol that represents violence, death, rape and personal sorrow … all in the name of pixel fashion? I’ll pass.

A fashion brand, for fun, shouldn’t include these appliers in their pack. In Powder Pack chat, there are people from other countries who think this tattoo is cute.

Murder, rape, sorrow, loss, poverty ..  I don’t think any of those things are cute.

Powder Pack needs to review everything that goes into their packs for content and quality. I can’t help but think the Pack organizers knew nothing about this and if they had, the item would have been flagged.

Do you want to wear these?

You Decide

Some terms and resources:

Spell Syllables
Examples Word Origin
noun, Chiefly Southwestern U.S. (esp. among Mexican-Americans)
1. a teenage girl who associates closely with a gang of cholos or is the girlfriend of a cholo

Spell Syllables
Word Origin
noun, plural cholos. Chiefly Southwestern U.S.
(especially among Mexican-Americans) a teenage boy who is a member of a street gang.
Usually Disparaging. a term used to refer to a Mexican or Mexican-American.
a mestizo of Spanish America.


The wiki this came from:



Bonus Appliers in Past Powder Packs .. THANK YOU! ❤

As mentioned above, I’d like to thank all of these creators for the bonus body appliers included in past powder packs. These are all the skins released so far along with the body appliers that came with them. You guys rock.



My Sponsor: Mysteria Free Changing Rooms – A Non-Profit Fashion Community